ModelChain.run_model(times=None, weather=None)[source]

Run the model.

  • times (None or DatetimeIndex, default None) – Times at which to evaluate the model. Can be None if attribute times is already set.

  • weather (None or DataFrame, default None) – If None, the weather attribute is used. Column names must be 'dni', 'ghi', 'dhi', 'wind_speed', 'temp_air'. All irradiance components are required. Assumes air temperature is 20 C and wind speed is 0 m/s if not provided.


  • self

  • Assigns attributes (times, solar_position, airmass, irradiance,)

  • total_irrad, effective_irradiance, weather, temps, aoi,

  • aoi_modifier, spectral_modifier, dc, ac, losses.