pvlib.pvsystem.pvsyst_celltemp(poa_global, temp_air, wind_speed=1.0, eta_m=0.1, alpha_absorption=0.9, model_params='freestanding')[source]

Calculate cell temperature using an emperical heat loss factor model as implemented in PVsyst.

The heat loss factors provided through the ‘model_params’ argument represent the combined effect of convection, radiation and conduction, and their values are experimentally determined.

  • poa_global (numeric) – Total incident irradiance in W/m^2.

  • temp_air (numeric) – Ambient dry bulb temperature in degrees C.

  • wind_speed (numeric, default 1.0) – Wind speed in m/s measured at the same height for which the wind loss factor was determined. The default value is 1.0, which is the wind speed at module height used to determine NOCT.

  • eta_m (numeric, default 0.1) – Module external efficiency as a fraction, i.e., DC power / poa_global.

  • alpha_absorption (numeric, default 0.9) – Absorption coefficient

  • model_params (string, tuple, or list (no dict), default 'freestanding') –

    Heat loss factors to be used.

    If string, can be:

    • ’freestanding’ (default)

      Modules with rear surfaces exposed to open air (e.g. rack mounted).

    • ’insulated’

      Modules with rear surfaces in close proximity to another surface (e.g. roof mounted).

    If tuple/list, supply parameters in the following order:

    • constant_loss_factorfloat

      Combined heat loss factor coefficient. Freestanding default is 29, fully insulated arrays is 15.

    • wind_loss_factorfloat

      Combined heat loss factor influenced by wind. Default is 0.


temp_cell (numeric or Series) – Cell temperature in degrees Celsius


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[2] Faiman, D. (2008). “Assessing the outdoor operating temperature of photovoltaic modules.” Progress in Photovoltaics 16(4): 307-315.