pvlib.pvsystem.sapm_aoi_loss(aoi, module, upper=None)[source]

Calculates the SAPM angle of incidence loss coefficient, F2.

  • aoi (numeric) – Angle of incidence in degrees. Negative input angles will return zeros.

  • module (dict-like) – A dict, Series, or DataFrame defining the SAPM performance parameters. See the sapm() notes section for more details.

  • upper (None or float, default None) – Upper limit on the results.


F2 (numeric) – The SAPM angle of incidence loss coefficient.


The SAPM traditionally does not define an upper limit on the AOI loss function and values slightly exceeding 1 may exist for moderate angles of incidence (15-40 degrees). However, users may consider imposing an upper limit of 1.


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