pvlib.pvsystem.sapm_celltemp(poa_global, wind_speed, temp_air, model='open_rack_cell_glassback')[source]

Estimate cell and module temperatures per the Sandia PV Array Performance Model (SAPM, SAND2004-3535), from the incident irradiance, wind speed, ambient temperature, and SAPM module parameters.

  • poa_global (float or Series) – Total incident irradiance in W/m^2.

  • wind_speed (float or Series) – Wind speed in m/s at a height of 10 meters.

  • temp_air (float or Series) – Ambient dry bulb temperature in degrees C.

  • model (string, list, or dict, default 'open_rack_cell_glassback') –

    Model to be used.

    If string, can be:

    • ’open_rack_cell_glassback’ (default)

    • ’roof_mount_cell_glassback’

    • ’open_rack_cell_polymerback’

    • ’insulated_back_polymerback’

    • ’open_rack_polymer_thinfilm_steel’

    • ‘22x_concentrator_tracker’

    If dict, supply the following parameters (if list, in the following order):

    • afloat

      SAPM module parameter for establishing the upper limit for module temperature at low wind speeds and high solar irradiance.

    • bfloat

      SAPM module parameter for establishing the rate at which the module temperature drops as wind speed increases (see SAPM eqn. 11).

    • deltaTfloat

      SAPM module parameter giving the temperature difference between the cell and module back surface at the reference irradiance, E0.


  • DataFrame with columns ‘temp_cell’ and ‘temp_module’.

  • Values in degrees C.


[1] King, D. et al, 2004, “Sandia Photovoltaic Array Performance Model”, SAND Report 3535, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.

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