pvlib.singlediode.bishop88_i_from_v(voltage, photocurrent, saturation_current, resistance_series, resistance_shunt, nNsVth, method='newton')[source]

Find current given any voltage.

  • voltage (numeric) – voltage (V) in volts [V]

  • photocurrent (numeric) – photogenerated current (Iph or IL) in amperes [A]

  • saturation_current (numeric) – diode dark or saturation current (Io or Isat) in amperes [A]

  • resistance_series (numeric) – series resistance (Rs) in ohms

  • resistance_shunt (numeric) – shunt resistance (Rsh) in ohms

  • nNsVth (numeric) – product of diode ideality factor (n), number of series cells (Ns), and thermal voltage (Vth = k_b * T / q_e) in volts [V]

  • method (str) – one of two optional search methods: either 'brentq', a reliable and bounded method or 'newton' which is the default.


current (numeric) – current (I) at the specified voltage (V) in amperes [A]