Airmass and atmospheric models

location.Location.get_airmass([times, …])

Calculate the relative and absolute airmass.


Determine absolute (pressure-adjusted) airmass from relative airmass and pressure.

atmosphere.get_relative_airmass(zenith[, model])

Calculate relative (not pressure-adjusted) airmass at sea level.


Determine altitude from site pressure.


Determine site pressure from altitude.

atmosphere.gueymard94_pw(temp_air, …)

Calculates precipitable water (cm) from ambient air temperature (C) and relatively humidity (%) using an empirical model.

atmosphere.first_solar_spectral_correction(pw, …)

Spectral mismatch modifier based on precipitable water and absolute (pressure-adjusted) airmass.

atmosphere.bird_hulstrom80_aod_bb(aod380, aod500)

Approximate broadband aerosol optical depth.

atmosphere.kasten96_lt(airmass_absolute, …)

Calculate Linke turbidity using Kasten pyrheliometric formula.

atmosphere.angstrom_aod_at_lambda(aod0, lambda0)

Get AOD at specified wavelength using Angstrom turbidity model.

atmosphere.angstrom_alpha(aod1, lambda1, …)

Calculate Angstrom alpha exponent.