PVSystem.get_irradiance(solar_zenith, solar_azimuth, dni, ghi, dhi, dni_extra=None, airmass=None, model='haydavies', **kwargs)[source]

Uses the irradiance.get_total_irradiance() function to calculate the plane of array irradiance components on a tilted surface defined by self.surface_tilt, self.surface_azimuth, and self.albedo.

  • solar_zenith (float or Series.) – Solar zenith angle.

  • solar_azimuth (float or Series.) – Solar azimuth angle.

  • dni (float or Series or tuple of float or Series) – Direct Normal Irradiance

  • ghi (float or Series or tuple of float or Series) – Global horizontal irradiance

  • dhi (float or Series or tuple of float or Series) – Diffuse horizontal irradiance

  • dni_extra (None, float or Series, default None) – Extraterrestrial direct normal irradiance

  • airmass (None, float or Series, default None) – Airmass

  • model (String, default 'haydavies') – Irradiance model.

  • kwargs – Extra parameters passed to irradiance.get_total_irradiance().


Each of dni, ghi, and dni parameters may be passed as a tuple to provide different irradiance for each array in the system. If not passed as a tuple then the same value is used for input to each Array. If passed as a tuple the length must be the same as the number of Arrays.


poa_irradiance (DataFrame or tuple of DataFrame) – Column names are: 'poa_global', 'poa_direct', 'poa_diffuse', 'poa_sky_diffuse', 'poa_ground_diffuse'.