Location.get_clearsky(times, model='ineichen', solar_position=None, dni_extra=None, **kwargs)[source]

Calculate the clear sky estimates of GHI, DNI, and/or DHI at this location.

  • times (DatetimeIndex) –

  • model (str, default 'ineichen') – The clear sky model to use. Must be one of ‘ineichen’, ‘haurwitz’, ‘simplified_solis’.

  • solar_position (None or DataFrame, default None) – DataFrame with columns ‘apparent_zenith’, ‘zenith’, ‘apparent_elevation’.

  • dni_extra (None or numeric, default None) – If None, will be calculated from times.

  • kwargs – Extra parameters passed to the relevant functions. Climatological values are assumed in many cases. See source code for details!


clearsky (DataFrame) – Column names are: ghi, dni, dhi.